Lines From Amazon Reviews Of Honey Pots


It is a honey pot and it holds honey.

The problem is that it is messy and the honey crystallizes far more quickly in this than in its original container.

Something appears to be missing to prevent the honey from dripping.

Now you can have honey anytime you want!!!

I am a beekeeper and I have grand kids, it a match made in heaven!

The “guts” inside are also made of plastic and flimsy.

I was really looking forward to using the honey dispenser.

It holds more honey than you’d expect until you fill it and realize its capacity firsthand. Now all I have to worry about is if it has lead or beryllium in it…

Makes a small mess when you take the honey out, but cute to look at.

If you put your finger on the bottom and fill from the top it seems to work.

Keep in mind this is only about 3″ high. It is really plenty big enough for the amount of honey you would want out at one time.

Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot Nice honey pot plus it’s a good shape and cleans easily.

‘On The Road’ Illustrated

Ever since finishing the best biography I’ve read in years I’ve wanted every book to have a photo folio. So without further ado, who’s who in On the Road, with pictures. (This piece was a huge help.)

Sal Paradise
Itinerant narrator Jack Kerouac

Dean Moriarty

Neal Cassady
The real hero of the novel supplied Kerouac with most of his dialogue and a built-in plot, such as it is. He also drove the magic bus in Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

Mary Lou Moriarty

LuAnne Henderson
She married Neal Cassady at 15. Yikes.

Carlo Marx

Allen Ginsberg
The most famous of all the Beat writers is kind of a pain in the ass in On the Road, always whining.

Old Bull Lee

William S. Burroughs
Bon vivant, intellectual, exterminator and heroin addict extraordinaire.

Jane Lee

Joan Vollmer
Burroughs’ common-law wife, also a heroin addict. He accidentally shot her in the head in 1951.

Remi Boncouer

Henri Cru
Remember Sal’s hot French friend in San Francisco, the man he stays with on his first trip across the country? He actually had himself listed as “Remi Boncouer” in the phone book until he died.

Camille Moriarty

Carolyn Cassady
This writer was Dean Moriarty’s second wife. She also snapped the photo of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady that’s on every edition of On the Road I’ve ever seen.

Roland Major

Allan Temko
This fairly prominent architectural critic was obsessed with Hemingway in the book.